Castel beer launched

Twikale and Sauti Sol press briefing

Castel Malawi on Friday launched their new brand of beer under the same name in a spectacular event which was spiced up by one of the hottest Afro-pop music group in Africa, Sauti Sol.

The group lived up to their standards as they gave a fiery performance despite technical issues which marred the show.

Twikale Chirwa, Brands Manager for Castel Malawi said they decided to bring in the Kenyan group, Sauti Sol because they play Afro-centric music synonymous with the Castel Brand positioning.

Speaking on what the company has in stock for its customer base in regards introducing other brands of drinks on the market, Chirwa said: “Castel beer is ONLY an addition to our existing vibrant beer portfolio and an alternative taste to what consumers are looking for. Its tagline is ‘The taste of success’.”

“We are in touch with our consumers and like to respond to their needs. When our consumers talk we listen and launch what they want.”

Sauti Sol
Sauti Sol and Castel officials during a press conference 

He said as a company they expect to recruit new consumers and also excite the Malawi market with this unique offering that has premium packaging and appeal.

With so many choices of beer on the market to choose from, Chirwa addressed pricing issues and competitiveness saying: “Castel Beer is one of the first African premium beers produced from all natural ingredients,”

He added “Castel Beer is price at a recommended retail price of MK500 which is the most affordable price for a clear beer at the moment.”

Recently Castel introduced Booster Cider on the market which Chirwa said is an alternative to wine and beer.

Chirwa said Booster Cider is doing fairly well in the market: “We are still in the process of reaching the whole market to conclude its performance.”