Dominant One back with 'On A Low'


Dominant One is a legendary figure in Malawian Hip Hop circles whose records have stood the test of times.

Over the years his name has faded into the background with the coming in of new vibes and a cadre of a new wave artists.

Now he is back with his new visual featuring the multi-talented Black Falcon Bird (BFB) who also produced it.

The two take turns in the LAX production for ‘On the Low shot and directed by Sam Sam in the Rainbow nation, South Africa.

Days before he put out the song, he did give a shout out to one of the lyricists of the new age Hip Hop Hayze Engolah who also has video under a similar title ‘On the low’.

BFB understands D1 also known as the Standards Setter is planning on releasing a full-blown body of work.

And it is highly likely D1 has a collaborative effort with Gospel Hip Hop Artist Gwamba judging from the back and forth they have been having.

The title of the song is ‘Tili mu game’ and it could be next.

Shortly after the visuals for ‘On the low’ went up on the internet he has received props from some of the continents respected names like Zambia’s Holstar and Duncan Sodala.

We understand D1 and his crew nearly got robbed when they were shooting the video because of the location they shot it.

Watch D1 featuring BFB ‘On A Low’