Faith Mussa inspires Benjamin Dube to sing ‘Ulemelero’

Dube and Mussa at Sun Arena

When we announced Faith Mussa  would be part of a tonne of musicians in concert with the revered South African musician Bishop Benjamin Dube we also said the two had been working on new material specific for the one-night performance at Sun Arena at Times Square in Pretoria.

Finally, we can confirm the song has made it into the album under the same name as the concert ‘Glory in his Pesence’ and it is a proper worship tune.

To be the clear the song ‘Ulemelero’ is Dube’s song featuring Faith Mussa and Johnny Vilakazi and is relatable to Malawians.

It starts of in English before switching to a Chichewa interpretation

This tune will take you to church and back and even cause you to dance.

Mussa sprinkles in some Tumbuka line in the song making it all inclusive.

The audio came out last month after weeks of chopping up and this will be followed by visuals as Dube used the concert as a live shoot for his double DVD.

It will be quite interesting to see how the audience reacted to the song as it was being played in the capacity full stadium.

Fans who have heard ‘Ulemelero’ from Malawi have already given it high ratings among them is Spiwe Zulu who has characterised it as 'wonderful'.

In September Mussa dropped his own third album 'Kalilima' which has hits like ‘Ng’oma’, one of the records that got attraction at this year's Lake of Stars festival at Kachere Kastle in Nkhata Bay.