George Kalukusha wings into emPawa Africa top 10

George Kalukusha

Singer/songwriter George Kalukusha is making the strides in the emPawa Africa sessions as he has made it into the final Top 10 of artists working with Nigerian superstar Mr Eazi.

Kalukusha said he did not expect this turn of events as there are a lot of talented people in Africa.

“I got the text around 2 am. It was pretty hard to process, getting into the top 100 was something that was not for me as it was and then there is this text telling me I am in the top 10, I never really expected this, I was astonished but I never expected this.”

The artist said he sent in his application for the competition because he was working on a tight budget to promote his upcoming album.

Kalukusha said he has been working on the album from 2018 and 2019 but has been looking for a way to release it with proper marketing and that is what inspired him to join.

“I was thinking of how I was going to finish the album, finish off the songs so I saw this animated clip online about how Mr Eazi want to help artist making videos. After a while, I was like there so many applications and I thought they never will see mine.”

Mr Eazi
Mr Eazi: We want to equip these artistes with the tools, knowledge, network and investment

He said he uploaded two pieces of music and he found himself being the 99th pick.

“Making the top 100 inspired me, that week we went in to the studio with my brother to have songs recorded and pick the song to pitch to the emPawaAfrica team for the video because that is what I wanted out of it, that’s pretty much what I hoped for, that I all I expected from it,” said a visibly excited Kalukusha.

Kalukusha is a phenomenal artist whose new music is expected to put him on the world stage when it is released.

During the emPawaAfrica session, Mr Eazi is seen bumping his head to Kalukusha’s music, a nod to the material from a respectable music person with huge international following.

This month, Mr Eazi takes his top 10 emPawa entries to South Africa for a three-week masterclass. Artistes will learn about the industry, marketing themselves, top tips on production and more.

And out of the Top 10 artistes, two artistes will get to perform alongside Mr Eazi in London at
‘Ghana Party in the Park’ 2019.

The mission of emPawaAfrica is to partner with iconic figures who have in-depth industry knowledge and experience in promoting talented artistes to achieve their full potential and make it big.

"We want to equip these artistes with the tools, knowledge, network and investment so they subsequently become independent music entrepreneurs," says Mr Eazi.