GMM offers K2million signing fee, Sony Music distribution


Malawian artists have a huge opportunity of making a break through on the international scene with the agreement Gold Mountain Media (GMM) record label have managed to sign with one of the world’s oldest and influential house Sony Music.

The deal entails Sony Music will finance and promote artists signed by GMM to the world audience.

In its quest to deliver the best out of Malawi GMM has initiated a campaign dubbed ‘Discovering Gold’ as its first project to discover the best musicians whether they are rappers’ singers or groups.

The label is non being discriminatory in its selection as it is looking for both undiscovered talent or established musicians.

Chief Executive Officer for GMM, renowned producer Tapps Bandawe said: “artists should seize the day with this once in a lifetime opportunity that will give them the machinery and backing to turn them into global superstars.”

Bandawe said in light of this campaign GMM will undertake a nationwide talent search competition. He could however not commit to disclose more details saying a communication will be made publicly in the coming week.

The producer who has hits on hits on his belt said they have a package which is enticing like K2million cash signing in advance.

The deal also comes with cooperate investments, features with established artists both local and international.

Bandawe said the signed artist will have worldwide distribution through GMM Records affiliate Sony Music, national and international tours.

The artists will also have the opportunity to have their videos played on local and international channels.

Bandawe explained that Sony Music is looking to expand its territory and new challenges.

“Everyone is looking at Africa right now. When I was in the UK I worked with a number of people and one of them has become a huge figure at Sony Music so I gave them a proposal which has led us here.

Addressing the issue of copyright rights Bandawe said it is customary in such deal for the label to have ownership of the rights as they pump in a lot of money to make sure the artists gets where they will be.

“It is part of the deal, talk of the Jay Z’s, Prince. Its is costly to manage one’s career to great heights, we are talking about promotional tours, media tours, international quality videos,” he said.

The Sony Music Group is the second largest of the "Big Three" record companies, behind Universal Music Group and ahead of Warner Music Group. Its music publishing division Sony/ATV is the largest music publisher in the world.[4][5] It also owns 50% of SYCO Entertainment, which operates some of the world's most successful reality TV formats, including Got Talent and The X Factor.

Its featured artist include Travis Scott and Khalid.