Jazz is for everyone-Palilani


Renowned Jazz maestro Eric Palilani has echoed sentiments for the need to change people's mindset which is hang up on the notion that Jazz music is for the rich.

Palilani said this on the sidelines of announcing the return of Lilongwe Jazz Festival to run from August 30-31, 2019.

The Music Director said they will also be educating the masses on what jazz is all about.

“Jazz music is not only for the rich man or the poor man but it a fusion of sound and we want to fuse our own Malawian sounds with Jazz.

“We are providing a platform that debunks the myth that jazz is a genre for up class society while in real sense is the form of art that has absorbed a variety of regional, national and local music cultures.”

Paliani and company
Palilani and company

The Jazz maestro pointed out the genre is not much known because the country lacks provisions like music schools where artist can be groomed.

Palilani added: “For this reason there is a workshop on the elements of Jazz and it shall be directed by a professional, world renowned Jazz artist and veteran local jazz artist.”

He disclosed that this year they make inclusion of three international artist but could not mention them as negotiation are still underway.

Palilani is a renowned Jazz musician who made a name for himself playing along with legendary artists like Hugh Masekela.