Journalist releases album ahead of book on his mental health struggles


Mental health issues are said to be a silent but growing problem in Malawi and Journalist/Hip Hop artist Harold 'KBonnie' Kapindu is channeling his personal struggles into positive vibes.

After announcing he is writing a book detailing his mental health issues, K-Bonnie has released an album as a soundtrack to the book under the same title 'When The Black Sheep Becomes Elephant In The Room'.

The candid speaking artist told he has been struggling with mental health related issues for a while.

"As a kid, I survived suicidal thoughts and many fatal circumstances. I, therefore feel like God keeps me for a reason.

He explained that the use of the K-Bonnie moniker is because the K-Bonnie character has always been part of his music journey.

Talking of the album which is his 6th and VIP TO GOD's debut he has 10 songs of which the 'Intro', and 'Hand of God' tackles mental health.

"I am rapping about alcohol, substance, drug and sex addiction as well as the effects of depression and loneliness.

In 'Cry Babies', 'Trust and Betrayal' and 'What's trending, What's up', I am addressing political issues ranging from worldwide political riots to 2019 Malawi elections," he said.

The song "Am from Africa" discusses the beauty of the Africa continent.

The beats were produced by Justus, Eric Most, Venom and Self Defense. It was recorded by Sub Zero and mixed and mastered by S.A.M.U.E.L.

Expect no guest appearance on the album as has become the norm these days. 

"The album has no features because I believe there was no song that needed another artist. I feel features should be done with a reason. There should be chemistry between artists. If an artist wants to feature me, its OK. But, I personally don't do features for the sake of just doing features," K-Bonnie said bluntly.

The album is a prelude to the book which is yet to be published and 90 percent of it has been written.

He said he is currently negotiating with potential publishers to publish and market the book.

Both the album and book's themes are centered on his personal struggle with mental health, journey to becoming a journalist and a rapper as well as socio-political issues in Malawi and the world at large.

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