Kell K proposes to girlfriend at album launch

Kell Kay's girlfriend Tamanda Kandoje

In a typical Hollywood style one of the country’s urban artists Kell Kay, proposed to his girlfriend Tamanda Kandoje on stage during the launch of his “Love after 24” album in Lilongwe over the weekend.

His move wowed his fans who thronged the Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) Auditorium, as they cheered and clapped for him while he sang “Love after 24” as his girlfriend who was also on stage watched him doing what he knows best.

Little did she know what he had under his sleeves and as he slowed the tempo, Kay whose real name is Kelly Kambwiri, popped the question to Kandoje who watched in awe with tears running down her cheeks in total disbelief.

The crowd went into frenzy with his move and mobbed him on stage with their cameras and phones as people scrambled for vantage points to properly capture the memorable and rare scene unfolding before them.

In an exclusive with, the audibly excited Tamanda said she left home for her man’s launch and the thought of him proposing did not even cross her mind.

Star-struck: Kandoje (L) on stage with some of Kell-Kay's singers

“I didn’t even think about him proposing or anything like that happening. I was caught off guard.

“I was shocked, I didn’t expect it honestly; but I was very happy” she confessed.

She found herself on stage together with other people and artists like Tay-Grin who were participating in the auctioning of the debut CD.

Beautifully clad in a black and gold evening gown, she walked majestically to the stage to support her knight in shining armour.

While everybody who had shown interest to participate in the auction was asked to indicate the amount of money they would contribute, she was not.

Kay  singing his heart out

She told this reporter that this surprised her and she approached the people involved but for some reason, he ignored her as she was trying to understand her role on the stage.

A 2018 graduate of Business Administration from Exploits University, she indicated that when two girls came on stage throwing flowers around her, she started getting the idea.

“At that time I was thinking what is he trying to do or maybe he is trying to propose but how? It didn’t make sense to me.”

When asked if her dressing up meant she anticipated it, she  brushed it off insisting that being her boyfriend’s inaugural album launch, she had to dress up to the occasion and  look the part; adding that even her sister, mother and her sisters in-law decided to dress up for their own event.

Kandoje rated her fiancé as her best friend and described him as a very humble and giving person with a good heart.

“If he sees that someone is struggling even when he doesn’t have the ability to help, he’ll try to push to do something”

Part of the audience that attended the show singing along to Kay's music 

A third born girl in a family of four, she explained that although he has a lot accolades to his name, he does not brag about his achievements and his talents.

In her free time, she likes reading books on entrepreneurship in her quest to build her own brand.

The multi-award winning artist emerged on the Malawi music scene in 2014 with a song “Ndilore ndipite” which took the industry by storm.

He’s released hit singles like ‘Mwano” “Tiye” “Nono” and “Mr.Yesu”