‘Kwa George' hitmaker in town, where to catch him


Not a day passes by without one listening to the song ‘Kwa George’. Could be in public transport, someone’s ringtone and if you frequent drinking joints then you surely will listen to it over and over.

The artist who did the song B1 arrived yesterday in Malawi. Quite timely now that he is trending.

People can never beat the vibe that comes with live music; the setting, the atmosphere, friends, laughter and memories created are what brings people to entertainment spots.

Now that he (B1) is trendy he is using every opportunity to perform and rack up as much Malawian kwacha’s as possible with a slew of shows.

The guide if you are in Lilongwe:

You can catch him at Lulu’s ‘In Your Arms’ album launch at Bingu International Convention Centre on Saturday, 7th September.

The very same night he will showcase at the Mr and Mrs Albinism pageantry and Talent show which is also happening at the BICC.

For the clear, at Lulu’s show B1 will dish out everything he has while at Mr and Mrs Albinism he will make a ‘special appearance’

Those who like up and close and personal can link up with B1 at the Living Room for Lulu’s after party.

On Sunday B1 heads to Kasungu, quite an unusual location but organisers says they want the district to have a feel of international performance and expose artists.


‘Kwa George Amplified’ will take place at Culture club with artists such as Don Tarz, King Chambiecco, DNA, Brina, Toria on the roster.

November 1 to 3 he will be at Sand Music Festival as one of the headliners.