Lucius Banda embraces urban vibes in 'Ukhale wanga'


Lucius Banda is a veteran of Malawian music and has over the decades given out  timeless love, inspirational and freedom fight records.

Politics took him out of the lime light of the music scenery as he wanted to serve the country in another capacity. But now that he is no longer is the August House having lost his re-election bid, he has decided to return to the essence.

Kulinji had the privilege of talking to Soldier’s representative Jack Mcbrams who acknowledged that the artist is be back full throttle on his music career which he had gone on a two-year on hiatus.

From his upcoming 20th album ‘Love and Hate’ Soldier has shown that he only gets better with time like wine as he connected with hit-maker Janta of the ‘Ngongole’ fame to produce what is going to be an appetiser to another master piece.


One would expect him to get all political with the situation happening in Malawi but Soldier is not getting distracted as he revamps his passion.

We do expect thought political songs in the album as he has never been shy of storytelling and expressing his opinions the best way he knows how.

A first time listen to ‘Ukhale wanga’ gives you the nostalgia of Balaka music, the catchy lovable song lyrics we have all cherished from Soldier over the years with a mix of the trendy flavour the youngsters are into these days.

Numbers do not lie and if this is anything to say of how much people have eagerly waited to hear a new record from Soldier, 3000 downloads is not a bad start for a couple of hours.

The song is not only appealing to the young but the generation of his own who love mature music and still have a groove in them.

Listen to 'Ukhale wanga'