Mikozi Network click baits AKA


Mikozi Network is never shy from inciting social media virals. Actually they are the instigators but on Sunday night they got what they wanted, click bait for AKA and he took it.

The entertainment site which uses its online platforms to create satire threw shade at South Africa’s controversial yet adored Hip Hop act AKA when they implied that he is afraid and is now in the long list of artists performing using bullet proof vests in foreign countries.

This comes following the South African's comments over the recent xenophobic attacks.

For the record Mikozi Network were in the loop that AKA was in the rainbow nation performing at Huawei Joburg Day and but took a hit for insinuating he was performing outside the country.

AKA is not one to let things slide and he responded to Mikozi Network saying:

Here is a close up view of the vest in question

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The altercation between Mikozi Network and AKA goes back to the sites relentless Twitter, Instagram posts targeting the Super Mega over the recent xenophobic attacks and the back and forth he has had with Nigerian artists on the issue.

Some of those Nigerian stars include Burna Boy who said he has not stepped foot in South Africa since in a while because of how he was treated.

Mikozi Network is capitalising on this retweeting some of the interesting ones they find in their replies

Here are some of the responses that caught our eyes