Music manager Bob Phondo’s wifey tweets go viral


Entrepreneur and one of the most respected gospel music managers in the country Bob Phondo has been getting mixed reactions to his thread of tweets on how his wife to be has supported his money-making moves over the years.

The tweets have now gone viral and are getting reactions from all over Malawi and beyond taking the shine off the Concerned Women crying challenge featuring chief director on Public Reforms Seodi White.

The couple is expected to wed over the weekend and Phondo took to the social media platform to share their journey only get bitter sweet messages.

Some have been applauding the couple’s journey, their unrelenting support especially from his fiancé.

On the other hand, some have gone to all sorts of length to bash him saying his fiancé is the man of the household and he is using her.

Phondo has always professed his love publicly Theresa Dzanjalimodzi, an accomplished musician and actor with Zathu Band and an activist.

Over the years worked he has worked with various big names and is in some circles called the P Diddy of music executives of Malawi.

Some of the artists he has worked with include Sho Baraka whose collaboration with Suffix, he oiled.  He has also worked with Nigerian LimoBlaze and American artist DaTruth among others.


Dzanjalimodzi (L) has received praise from Phondo

Here's the tweet that started it all

Here are a few of the reactions

Zodiak award winning presenter had this to say

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Another commentor wrote:

Nigerian artist LimoBlaze had to chime in

In related news LimoBlaze will release a song for the newly weds on their big name titled 'My Love'.

While the digital space can be supportive, it has also been blamed for bullying people into silence.