Muslim Arts Association hosts concert

Cassim MAA Presdiental

Muslim Arts Association (MAA) has organised a concert set for Saturday 8th of June a Blantyre Cultural Centre, formerly French Cultural Centre to unearth hidden talent.

President of the Muslim Arts Association, Noordin Cassim one of the organisers of the event said the concert will give artists an opportunity and space to grow.

"We have given this event more hours and as we go along we are planning on holding it over a whole weekend so we can have enough time for all our member."

Cassim said the concert has been dubbed 1440 following the Islamic calendar adding: "This means the next years concert will be 1441," he said.

The President said they have plans of making the concert an annual event.

Looking forward to the concert, Cassim said they do not have much expectation as this is the first time of holding it.

"All we want is to build a good foundation for this concert and see how best we can improve on it next time. Up and coming artist should benefit more," he said.

Cassim has since appealed to the Muslim community for support.

"We are working hard o develop this industry but our efforts will be meaningless, if muslims don't support us," Cassim said.