MZ Fashion Week aims to create revenue opportunities for designers


Mzuzu Fashion Week (MZFW) organisers Kwanza PR and Zik Garvey say they aim to create opportunities for designers which will in turn bring employment and revenue with the 5th edition of the Fashion Week running from October to 6 in the Green City.

Fashion in Malawi is only looked at as a chance of showing off clothing but they see it as a convergence of art, passion and creativity.

Wezie Mzumara CEO for Kwanaza PR speaking on the socio-economic impact of Mzuzu Fashion Week said the fashion industry is credited for creation of jobs and generates notable revenue in developed country something that should be emulated.

She said MZFW wants to establish Mzuzu as the leading Fashion hub that will grow to be recognised internationally.

“Such a status would draw tourists and investors into Malawi's fastest growing city, thereby providing employment and revenue,” she said.

MzFW2017 Nandi Fashions - Phot Cred Just Jerome
MzFW2017 Nandi Fashions.  Photo: Just Jerome

“Additionally, more than simply providing a platform for local designers to promote their products, the event hopes to inspire a new generation of fashion designers and entrepreneurs. These individuals could then use their skills to create jobs as well as products that may be exported, thereby generating revenue for the nation.

“The event continues to raise the standard of quality in Malawi's fashion industry. It will serve as a place where stakeholders can network and learn from one another. This would thereby lead to a greater demand for Malawian clothing and thereby boost the nation's economic standing,” Mzumara explained.

Some of the highlights of this year include an exclusive screening of ‘The Road To Sunrise’ a film by Shemu on Thursday.

MzFW2016 Kzia McDuff Runway - Phot Cred Sheena Tembo Photography
MzFW2016 Kzia McDuff Runway - Phot Cred Sheena Tembo Photography

On the Saturday of MZFW patrons will also see the introduction of the Sip & Shop, which is an all inclusive market for everything lifestyle. Market stands will feature those in the following sectors fashion, travel, food, arts, crafts and SME’s within and around Mzuzu promoting and selling their products.

This year’s event you will see the continuation of the ‘Creative Business Seminars’ targeted at young entrepreneurs, designers, marketers and individuals who have an interest in the creative industries.

MzFW2018 Bruce x Bruce - Phot Cred OCP
MzFW2018 Bruce x Bruce. Photo: OCP

Over the main two evenings of runway shows designers will be showcasing their new collections. So far they have over 20 registered designers (local & international). They include Malawi Wowi (Mzuzu); Van Weedae (Mzuzu); Royal Evie (Mzuzu); WALA Clothing (Lilongwe); Nandi (Zimbabwe) and Nyalisa (Blantyre). As a continuation of our collaboration with Kopala Fashion Week (Zambia) we will also have 1 designer joining us from Zambia this year.