Namadingo responds to Castel event backlash


Gospel music maestro Patience Namadingo has come out to defend himself following the backlash over hosting Castel beer launch n Friday which many Malawians said was un-gospel like.

Namadingo, in a public op-ed, said he thought twice before taking the offer from the beer brewer which he said was worth K500,000 but he did it because he is a fine host.

This is not the first time he has come into the fire for being associated with beer as he was also a headliner at last year Beer-fest in Lilongwe.

The artist as defended his Christian values, saying he values his music as a job because it brings food on his table and that beer imbibers love his music.

“I did think twice because this was unexpected but I told myself I am a fine host, just like all people that work for Castel from the directors office to the accounts department to the Marketers that make sure the brand keeps rising and all the way to the sales team that makes sure they sale more and more I am sure they all have their churches to go to every Sunday, I am sure some even have church posts as elders or deacons and families but they work for a company just as I would temporarily work for Castel on this night,” he said.

Namadingo said he would not take back the decision he made: “I do not regret working for Castel that night as its official host for the launch of one of its products the Castel beer.”

He said he would even have performed his contractual obligations required him to:

“I even wish they hired me to sing, they were so many young people at the party after I had hosted the corporate launch earlier on. I wish my messages were heard live by these young men who seem to love music deeply. 

"My music is not for those alone that are good, don’t drink, got to church every Sunday and they received Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior rather to a huge percentage it is for those too that are failing to keep up with the speed of being righteous.”

He detailed some of the events where he has participated, including his 40-day cancer campaign to raise K15 million for the Children’s Cancer Ward where Cockpit night club in Lilongwe organised a show which raised close to K1 million.

“A sports bar in Area 49 came together and raised more money, Pa Zeka a well-known drinking joint in Kanjedza invited me and raised more for the hospital. No church, no prayer group organised themselves to raise this money as a gospel artist was going around raising funds.”

“So drinking people and drinking businesses have been my fans and my partners way before the drinks giant Castel hired me for half a million to be its host.”

Namadingo said he is redefining himself 

“On me and being a gospel artist, I am sure I don’t fit in that category no more neither do I really wish to be a gospel artist

“The gospel doesn’t need artist, I think every artist needs the gospel," he said. 

“I am just an artist at work,” adding that he will from now on produce albums that carry different messages for different people.

“I am inspired by different things now that I have seen a little more of the world than before and I have made this my job so expect to hear anything from me not just the gospel.”