Phyzix calls 'Solid’ album listening a success

Host Black Jak and Phyzix

Hip-hop artist Phyzix says his Solid album listening session has been a success and that the feedback was "great."

This is Phyzix’s seventh album and he decided to engage the people to help him pick out songs to be included in it.

Speaking after the listening session held at Limbe Country Club, Phyzix said: “We managed to have people rate each song out of 10. It was an interesting surprise as people liked various songs from the album.”

“We managed to have 13 songs selected out of 16 to be in the album.”

He told that six radio singles selected and four singles for music videos.

“There was a unanimous vote for two songs as best songs but I will not disclose that for now,” saying he wants to allow people to have their own favourites.

According to the audience, there was one song that made the list for album but needs to go back for reworking.

“We managed to get what we wanted which is guidance towards choosing the right songs for various purposes.”

“We wanted quality control as well and the various producers and sound engineers guided us. We wanted perspectives from different people such as girls, men, women, boys and people both in the entertainment industry and outside of it.”

Phyzix said he the team working on the album is confident in the feedback we got.

“All in all there was great feedback for the album. The guests voted that it's a great album.”

Notable guests were guest of honour Twikale Chirwa from Castel Malawi, The Dare Devilz, Spyral, Blakjak, Vube, Martin Anjelz, Nyasa Buzz team, Ron Cz and VJ Ken.

The other album listening session will take place at N1 Café and Grill n Lilongwe on May 11.