Suffix breaks down Illuminati remix


Christian hip-hop artist Suffix has remixed Eli Njuchi’s hit song Illuminati and he describes criticism coming his way is all vanity.

The remix was premiered on radio and also features producer AK famous.

In an interview with, Suffix said jumping on the secular song has nothing to do with anything, saying the Illuminati issue is not about being gospel or secular.

“I am a Christian and I am an artist as well so I will jump on any song so long as my conscious is clean and I feel like I can put my two cents on it.”

He said he listened to the song Illuminati last year and loved it but said it lacked his perspective.

“I loved how this kid addressed or shared the story. This kid is good, I loved the story telling but I felt like there was something missing in the song, the other side of the story, on my perspective as a Christian.”

“If you listen to my verse it is more like I was responding to what he was battling or he was struggling with.”

“He (Eli) was in dilemma like should I join Illuminati for fame, for money, girls and should I sacrifice my friends or whatever just because I want to be famous and that song ended there.”

Suffix went on to say: “So for me I was like you know what, let me respond in a way that I should help the kid and is should help other who are struggling with famous and spotlight just to be clear that this thing is going and it is not forever.”

He said there are a lot of people who are famous but they are going or gone, a lot of famous people who kill themselves.

“I want to show him it is all vanity by the end of the day because one-day people are going to forget you.”

“So why should you waste your time and sell your soul because you just want to be famous, so I felt there was a side of this story that was not shared, on a Christian perspective,” the Dethroned star said.

He pointed out that is a something people are struggling with, even Christians are struggling with spotlight, trying to make it in life.

“People are being desperate, undress, taking pictures because they want to be famous, so I was like this is vanity my family. By the end of the day People are going to forget you. There is going to be someone who better than you tomorrow or the other day or whatever.”

“So the issue was you know will regret when you die and you meet God the throne and he tells you why did you join Illuminati and sold the soul that I created," Suffix said.