AG Chilima tussle over fake result sheets

Chilima, Chakwera

Cross-examination in the ongoing presidential elections case between Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale and Saulos Chilima continued on Tuesday over the use of fake results sheets whose validity Chilima questioned.

Kalekeni Kaphale wondered why none of the UTM Party monitors neither challenged the results nor brought any alternative results forward before this case.

When it was put to Chilima that only Gift Chamadi contested his signature on the fake sheet he acknowledged it to be true; a development which made the AG further probe why the monitor in question did not challenge the results but only the signature.

Kaphale noted the only issue that has been raised was the duplicate form and not the valid vote counted and wondered why Chamadi still signed on the form despite having some reservations.

Chilima, the first petitioner in the case responded that he did not ask his monitor on the development and that to his knowledge he never protested the results on the form because that it wasn’t genuine.

He also stated that monitors were expected to sign for duplicates not fake forms adding that he was not taken to task as they were fake.

Chilima interacting with the Mia's outside court 

The AG then asked Chilima whose fault it was that the monitor wasn’t questioned on the forms, and in reply the first petitioner argued that the matter should not be prolonged as it was a fake document which was under contention.

When queried on the sworn statement by a Mr. Chirwa who was another monitor after noticing a fake tally sheet if he at least produced a stream result, Chilima said he did not personally speak to the official and was not in possession of the stream results.

Kaphale noted that in the absence of the stream result, the first petitioner would not be in a position to ascertain if the results were fake or genuine, and maintained that the issue wasn’t how the form looked but its validity.

The UTM Leader emphasised that the form was fake as all the details on it including its number, centre name including names for presidential candidates were all in ink and not printed.

The government’s chief Legal Adviser is expected to wind up cross examining the former Vice President on Wednesday.