APM faces resistance in LL, 2 policemen die

Police man killed

Two police officers died on Tuesday. One from violent clashes between protesters and police at Nsundwe Trading Centre and the other from injuries sustained during the August 6 anti-Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Justice Jane Ansah demonstrations.

On Tuesday, a lorry carrying Democratic Progressive Party members to a rally held by President Peter Mutharika just after officially launching the construction of 250 secondary schools was also set on fire.

The people were protesting against DPP's decision to hold a rally in Lilongwe saying there is no way President Mutharika can hold such a rally when issues bordering on his legitimacy are still being disputed.

Police officers went to Nsundwe to quell the situation and fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrators who had blocked the main road and other earth roads. Youths wielding panga knives and stones closed earth roads and demanded money from motorists who were using earth road and if not the cars were  being smashed.

It is believed that Nsundwe is angry with the shooting of their own son during the recent demonstrations.

Police has since arrested 18 people in connection to the protests.