Chakwera justifies Parliament absence


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarus Chakwera has justified his absence for Parliamentary deliberations arguing that he would rather be attending the on-going elections case.

The Mcp Leader was yesterday spotted attending a court session of the disputed elections case currently being heard by a panel of five judges of the Constitutional Court.

In an interview, Chakwera stated that he will not attend any Parliamentary meeting from now on until the case concludes.

He explained that he is waiting for the court’s determination and that it cannot be proper for him as a complainant in the matter to be going to Parliament at the same time.

“In as far as am concerned, I won the elections and going to Parliament would mean endorsing Peter Mutharika as winner of the elections,” said Chakwera.

Ironically the MCP president was sworn-in as a Member of Parliament for Lilongwe North West constituency.

He indicated that he is doing this after consulting his constituents who are also in agreement with his stance.

Chakwera pictured in this file photo in one of his court appearances

Chakwera pointed out that the people of his constituency are being represented in the August house.

He justified his move saying he is still able to write to Ministers for oral replies on matters to do with his constituency.

When asked on what role he spoke to South African media on the xenophobic attacks unleashed on foreigners including, he indicated that he was there as  a concerned person and MCP leader.

Commenting on the budget statement, he branded it as mere rhetoric; sugar coated but empty the only difference being the increased amount in the proposed document.

A political analyst Ernest Thindwa stated that Chakwera conduct is not strange and demonstrates that he does not recognise Mutharika’s Presidency adding that attending Parliament would mean endorsing the latter.

According to Thindwa, in his mind Chakwera won the Presidency hence his filing of a petition to challenge the elections outcome.