Concerned Women threaten to march naked for MEC chairperson

Seodi White

A group of women calling themselves Forum for Concerned Women has vowed to take to the streets of Blantyre on Wednesday to demonstrate against what they describe as the harrassment of Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah in the calls for her resignation.

The women led by Minister of Gender Mary Navitcha, human rights activist now a chief director in the DPP administration Seodi White addressed a press briefing in Blantyre on Monday having earlier written a blind statement.

The women argue that Ansah discharged her public job and announced the election results according to the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Act and the country’s Constitution.

The grouping accused those who did not like the election results and their supporters masquerading as activists of having gone on a persistent humiliating, cruel, defamatory public persecution of the Supreme Court justice's name and persona.

“She continues to be castigated and defamed as a holder of public office for discharging her Constitutional duties.

“Not only has Dr. Ansah been defamed in such unfortunate manner now there is a threat of violence against her person as these people are threatening to conduct a vigil at her house among other things,” the women say.

White also accused men of pitting women against each other by propping them up to speak against Ansah.

The women also threatened to march onto the streets naked if men continue harassing Ansah.

But some analysts while agreeing that the women have a constitutionally enshrined right to demonstrate, said those demanding Ansah's resignation are not targeting her based on her gender but on her role as MEC chairperson and how she discharged her duties.

There have been mounting calls to for Ansah to resign for her handling of the Malawi's May 21 election results, but she has refused to step down.