Flash floods displace 328 households in Karonga

Flooded Ntakizi river

by Jordan Simeon-Phiri

Continuous heavy rains that fell on Tuesday and Wednesday in the northern part of Karonga district has swept clean rice gardens and displaced about nine villages, rendering 328 households destitute following the bursting of Lufilya River.

According to Karonga District Council's acting director of planning and development (DPD) Isaac Mkandawire, a  preliminary assessment report that district civil protection committee (DCPC) carried shows that four villages have been greatly affected around Ngerenge while nine more have been severely hit around Ighembe in the same TA.

 "Yes we can confirm that indeed there is property and livestock loss due to flush floods that have taken place mainly in TA Kilupula and 40 houses have been destroyed while 70 more have developed cracks.

"So far, there is no loss of life apart from rice gardens and live stocks that have been washed away," Mkandawire said. 

He, however, said that so far the affected families are being accommodated by their relatives and no camp has been set up as DCPC and agricultural district division (ADD) official are jointly on the ground assessing the situation to determine the extent of damage to crops.

Meanwhile, group village headman Kalongolera has appealed for an emergency help from wishers following the flush floods that have affected several households around Ighembe due to flooding of Kyungu river that in turn makes Kakolya and Ntakisi rivers to swell and burst.

Kalongolera said people from villages such as Mwambuli, Kalongolera one and two, Mwakyusa and Mwangali have lost their rice and cassava gardens, saying the effects are severe.

"As I am speaking right now the road is impassable. If one wants to cross the river then they have to use boats," Kalongolera said.

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