Iam your president, get used to it-APM


Peter Mutharika has blatantly told the opposition that they need to deal with the fact that he is their President.

Mutharika made the defiant remarks at Kamuzu Institute of Sports when he addressed a development rally after launching the construction of 250 schools with funding from the United States government.

In his impromptu speech the president said the Democratic Progressive Party is a party for the whole nations and that he will go and conduct rallies where ever he wants because he has the prerogative to.

Mutharika said: "Iam your President, get used to it."

He said people have been going about saying he is not welcome in the Central Region and that any rally he could have conducted there would not have a single person in attendance however the crowd chimed in with songs from the women and other ululating.

The crowd claimed Mutharika was at his base and used the football saying ‘Arsenal at home’


"They used to say not one person will turn up at my rallies in the central region. But I will never leave you, we will die together," he said

The president in his tirade of shots also directed unsubtly at the country’s daily newspapers for saying he should not go about saying he won the May 21st election following his Al Jazeera interview.

"Some newspapers are saying I should not be saying I won, that is stupidity," he said.

On the violence that has crippled the country Mutharika led the observance of a minute of silence at the start of the rally for the fallen police officer who was killed in Nsundwe.

He told the nation the opposition is destroying infrastructure deliberately to tarnish the image of the DPP which is development oriented.


"Remember I said during campaign it will be decision time, whether to choose development or retrogression. now you see, we build they demolish, this is foolishness, if you think you are hurting Mutharika you are wrong, Malawi is for Malawians."

This statement has been taken out of context on social media where people have insinuated that Mutharika does not care about Malawi.

On the issues of the 250 schools which are being constructed Mutharika pleaded: "I want to ask for once those dunderheads to think about the people for once. These schools we are building, please do not demolish.

I have heard some Members of Parliament have already started fighting over these schools but there are criteria for construction. do not politicise this project to have political mileage that you brought this."

Minister of Education Williams Susuwele Banda said the central region will get a chuck of the schools saying about 13 will be allocated there.

He implored on chiefs, students and the community to safeguard the facilities in order to help the children who are the beneficiaries.

official opening

Banda said: "We are going to build schools even where the DPP government is not wanted, what we ask is please teach the children to read and write and not to be good at profanity."