Man arrested for having sex with fellow man

Thyolo Police

Police in the southern district of Thyolo have arrested a man for having anal sexual knowledge of another man.

The accused, Steven Abraham, is said to have caressed and sucked the private parts of his fellow employee, Chikondi Tengani before putting his penis into his anus on March 13 2019.

According to the Police report, the two are employees of Small Holder Tea Company (STECO) and were working on the night shift when the incident happened.

“The facts of the case are that Tengai, who is a guard at STECO reported for duty at 4 pm and was assigned to secure a water pump. While guarding the pump at around 9 pm, the suspect (Abraham) visited the reporter (Tengani)."

Abraham, a security supervisor is said to have caressed Tengani’s private parts and told him to relax while he undressed and sucked him until his was manhood was erect.

Thyolo public relations officer Amos Tione for Thyolo District said Abraham sucked Tengani until he ejaculated in his mouth.

“Abraham later forced Tengani to lie on the ground, belly down and penetrated his penis into the anus. Tengani reported to have screamed after feeling pain but nobody was around.”

Tengani is reported to have knocked off and came back the following day without telling anyone about the matter.

Tione said Abraham's initiated the pervasive act again the next day, coaxing him with an offer of five days off duty. “He told him to undress but Tengani refused and instead he forcibly undressed him, started sucking his penis but he didn’t get erect.”

Tengani reported the matter to Police and was taken to the hospital where he was issue a medical report for treatment.

Abraham is 25 years of age and hails from Tamabala Village in Traditional Authority Mabuka in Mulanje while Tengani is 24 years comes from Gummbi Village in Traditional Authority Nanseta in Thyolo.