London Tea Exchange promotes Malawi tea

Deputy High Commissioner Quent Kalichero listens to Sheikh Rahman as an official from the Department of International Trade (in glasses ) and Alex Sukali of Malawi (002)
  • Satemwa launches Ice Tea

The London Tea Exchange has included Malawi as one of its 43-country initiative to promote Malawi tea and investments in the coming years, its Chief Executive Sheikh Aliur Rahman has said.

Speaking on Monday evening in Central London when he inaugurated tea tasting events for the exchange, Rahman said the exchange was committed to expanding the market base for Malawi tea and promote Malawi investment prospects.

“This is our first ever event of this type since we opened the London Tea Exchange. I am very happy that the Malawi High Commission approached us and we worked together since last year to deliver this first kind of event.

“We will promote Malawi tea, we will promote investments,” said Rahman.

The evening, which got a taste of a variety of Malawi tea from Satemwa, confirmed the superiority of Malawi tea in the UK as Ian Gibbs said the tea was on high demand with all tea bags in the UK containing a good percentage of the tea.

Deputy High Commissioner, Quent Kalichero said the High Commission has lined up a number of promotion programmes to make Malawi the first choice of investor destination and also expand footprint of Malawi products in the UK.

“We are getting a huge response from institutions that want to partner with us in the UK and Europe to tell and sell the Malawi story.

“Already on 7th November, we have another big investor evening at Scotland House in London which will allow investors more time to explore and decide on opportunities available in the warm Heart of Africa,” she said.

The high-profile event audience included tea companies such as Satemwa, Lujeri and Global Tea from Malawi and traders, investors, movie stars and local politicians such as Councillor for the area and Speaker for the Tower Hamlets Assembly.

 Satemwa Tea Company’s Europe representative, Wouter Verelst, announced new Ice Tea- the first from Malawi by the company which has already been introduced in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and France and is expected to be in the UK by end of October.

Verlest presented a variety of teas for tasting during the event which included hand-rolled Zomba Pearls, white stem tea named Satemwa Antiers, Satemwa First Flush which is a September spring tea, Bvumbwe Hand Made which is black tea with peachy notes, Thyolo Moto which is smoked guava and Satemwa Dark Tea which is the only post fermented tea in Africa.