Two arrested for forging fertilizer coupons


Two people have been arrested and will appear in court in Mulanje for being found in possession of fake fertilizer coupons.

The country is going through its annual farming season and the fertilizer subsidy programme is in full effect with the two Patrick Mphula aged 22 and Stanley Unyolo aged 18 taking advantage of the situation.

The arrest came about after Ranken Mahuka a salesperson at Msikawanjaka Optcem depot on observations that two a woman brought two coupons for NPK and Urea to buy fertilizer which bore one serial number, MJN0015121.

Mahuka said after he did a scan the coupons did not display any security features as is the case with genuine ones.

When he asked the lady where she got the coupons from, she revealed to have bought them from the two at K8,000 each.

The salesperson informed community policing members in the area who apprehended the two and handed them over to police.

Public relations officer for Mulanje Police Station told the two will appear in court to answer charges of making false documents contrary to Section 353 of the Penal Code.

Mphula hails from Mtata Village while Unyolo hails from Njema Village both of Senior Chief Mabuka in Mulanje.

Police has since advised the public to guard against unscrupulous people who would want to dupe them of their money.