MEC resolves connection glitches, ready for Suleman to take off with his evidence


The Malawi Electoral Commission has finally resolved its Vital Private Network connection glitches at the Lilongwe High Court Registry after the huddles and hitches of searching the whole of  yesterday.

Lawyers for the petitioners and respondents in the presidential elections results nullification case told the media that there was no problem with the network as of last night.

Earlier in the day there was tight security at the court as military officers almost took over from local security inside the court premises as opposed to securing the outside.

Lawyers for the second petitioner have been expressing concern over the time being wasted.

Yesterday there was no court business and today there have  been back-to-back stakeholders meetings ahead of Suleman's testimony.

Meanwhile the court has made directions on Daudi Suleman's simulation and demonstrations.

Among others, the court has granted Suleman liberty to use his equipment to demonstrate his evidence.

"Mr Suleman indicated that he will seek to connect his computer to the second respondent's system for demonstrations because he has hypothesis that the second respondent system will not work due to deleted data.

"The courts directs that he will be allowed to connect to the second respondent's system on condition that he demonstrates in the courts that the system did not work as hypothesised," reads the ruling in part.

The court has also allowed non witnesses who are IT personnel to closely monitor the activities of the dummy users under the  supervision of the court.

Further the court  has also directed a test to confirm whether rolling back of data is possible.

Suleiman will be allowed to use PowerPoint presentation on the basis that it is  a device to be used by the witness to explain his sworn statement.

"The evidence before the court remain the sworn statement. The PowerPoint  presentation will not constitute additional evidence," reads the  communique  in part.