College of Medicine shares its research findings


College of Medicine (COM) has opened its 23rd Research Dissemination Conference with focus being on how Sustainable Development Goals (SGD’s) relate to health and research.

Keynote speaker David Lalloo Director of Liverpool School of Tropic Medicine said to address SDG3 there is need to move beyond the traditional scope of research.

“The whole idea with SGD is that everything is linked, so you can’t address poverty without thinking about health, water, food and if you have to address a problem which needs different solutions, you need different workers from all sorts of discipline to address that so bringing together people who may not work together normally, naturally, like clinicians, environmentalists, social scientists will help us much better solve those problems,” he explained.


Lalloo said government needs to think about the targets it wants to achieve, the ones that are important to Malawi and how they can reach together to address those.

He commended Malawi for its activities in the research making impact not only in Malawi but in Africa as well.

Valentino Zimpita Deputy Director of Higher Education in the Ministry of Health Science and Technology said the government is impressed with the role of Universities including COM in research saying the quality of education hinges on research.


“Research is very important, one of the roles of education is to supposed to play is to inform the nation, that can only be done with research. They must be able to find new ways of doing things and that can only be achieved through research,” he said..


Principal for COM Prof. Mwapatsa Mipando explained that in Africa, the institutution is ranked 67th among higher learning institutions pointing out that in terms of public health they are one of the best top 10 in Africa but was quick to say they hope to do better.

Mipando said they have a translation team which will be used to put the research papers into languages the communities can ably understand.

Close to 150 abstracts are expected to be presented at the two day conference with three of the best presentations being awarded.

During the conference the public will take part in a science cafe under the theme 'Social Innovations in Health: Using local resources to solve healthcare related problems in Malawi'