Government, WVM to spend K20 billion on Malaria in Mangochi

Jappie Mhango

Government of Malawi with financial support from World Vision Malawi (WVM) has committed about K20 billion to fight Malaria in Mangochi over the next five years, through the what they are calling the vector control strategy.

Minister of Health and Population, Jappie Mhango launched the Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) programme at Majuni Primary School, with a call to the communities to maintain sleeping under long-lasting-treated insecticide nets and observe environmental hygiene as one way of fighting the disease.

Over 1.3 million people are expected to benefit from the programme which will see their houses being sprayed with insecticides controlling the spread of the disease.

Malaria remains the highest cause of illness and death in the country, which in turn has adverse effects on the social economic development of the country.

“Government spends millions on treatment of malaria year in, year out. But the disease is preventable. Therefore, let us follow preventive measures that will help us combat the plague and allow government save money for other critical areas”

 “I am happy to have this intervention launched here in Mangochi, one of the country’s tourism hub. The efforts, I am optimistic, will help eliminate cases of malaria and this will create a harmless environment for our tourists, thereby, attracting them to keep on coming,” he added.

WVM national coordinator Hazel Nyathi said her organisation embarked on the intervention to combat Malaria to help the country achieve Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Number 6, which looks at combating diseases.

“Cases of malaria in the district are high. Therefore, in pursuit of containing the disease and of course as one way of achieving universal health coverage, we are in this drive to help combat the disease to contribute to a health nation,” she said.

To this effect, Nyathi reiterated her organisation’s continued support towards the cause to help her organisation achieve its desired mission.