398 centres missing photographs in the voter register

MEC and NRB staff

Malawi Election Commission says they still have few cases of voters with missing photographs in some of the centres at this point when they have already finished printing the voters’ register.

MEC said out of the 5,002 centres they have, there are a total of 398 centres containing voters with missing photographs. 

The commission highlighted most of these centres have one or two voters with missing photographs.

MEC chairperson Jane Ansha on Tuesday said since the conclusion of the voter registration exercise, the commission has been in touch with the National Registration Bureau (NRB) requesting to be furnished with the missing photographs.

Ansah said they were only able to retrieve and provide around 1,500 photographs which have since been uploaded onto their system.

“NRB has said that it does not possess both the photographs and National IDs for the remaining voters with missing photographs. They will have to recapture these people but this exercise will not happen before the polling day.”

Ansha said the commission had no choice but to proceed with the printing of the voters register in this state.

She, however, said the commission is assuring everyone who registered, that if their names appear without a picture, they will still be allowed to vote. She said no one will be sent back as a result of having no picture.