APM outlines his vision for the youth

President Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has outlined initiatives his government is doing and will do to improve the livelihood of the youth in the country.

Mutharika said this at the National Youth Council of Malawi’s Youth Innovations Awards where he promised a safe future for the youth.

He announced that his government has identified an investor to help create football and netball academies for Malawi which will have professional players who will be exported to foreign leagues.

He also said government is negotiating with an international organisation to build an international youth centre where the youth can go and engage in mind education, be provided with skills and medical help.

As a global youth champion, Mutharika said he is committed to uplifting the youth in Africa and across the world.

“My job is not to fight anyone but the challenges affecting the youth and all Malawians. Poverty, hunger, unemployment and disease, these are the real four enemies of the country, these are my real enemies.”

Mutharika said his government has created opportunities for businesses and employment to reduce poverty and suffering.

He urged the youth to make informed decisions when voting on May 21 looking at what his government has achieved.

APM told the audience: “We will improve the economy which creates job. A good economy creates jobs and they create new businesses.”

He said his government has made it possible for the youth to be economically empowered enabling them to buy their own motorcycles, cars and build houses.

Mutharika said his government is creating a digital generation that has fast, affordable and access to smartphones, everywhere: “That is the future.”

“We are installing more fibre optic cables to rural training centres and village and because the youth are a digital generation.”

He also mentioned the construction of community colleges, where he said the youth will acquire skills. “We need skilled youth, I want to teach the youth how to fish.”

“Skilled youth will create their own jobs, and business which will lead to jobs,” he said, adding “We have doubled loans to improve access to education, he also talked of new infrastructure at universities.” .

He also talked of foreign direct investment to create manufacturing companies which will add value to produce as well as rural industrialization project.