SKC claims has more evidence of DPP corruption


United Transformation Movement presidential candidate Saulos Chilima told a rally at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre on Tuesday that he has more evidence of corruption by the Democratic Progressive Party-led movement.

Chilima said he knows of a directive for Chief Executive Officers of parastatals to give the ruling party K10 million each to fund the party's campaign for the elections.

Chilima, who did not not divulge the evidence during the rally, said his party is keeping it for use once they take over government in Tuesday's election.

He did, however, single out Malawi Communications and Regulatory Authority (Macra) as one the parastatals which is giving money to the DPP, indicating those at the helm should consider retiring to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Chilima also claimed that the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) is using vehicles for use for political rallies.

“Parastatals, these billboards with people's faces that you are erecting are not on your expenditure plans, plus expenses of your board members are too much. I hope your Chief Executives kept documents. If they were orders from above, you will have to bring those,” he said.

He also warned Malawi Housing Corporation for its unscrupulous deal in purchasing cement from a South African company which they are charging $100 a bag.

“You think we Malawians are sleeping, one bag for $100, about K75,000 for a bag of cement. We were waiting for the right now, you will cry. Keep those contracts safe because when you refute me I always tell you know where to find me.”

SKC then said he knows the government is planning with business persons he did not mention names saying they will be going around the districts next week giving out money to buy votes.

He confidently said he will announce the cabinet next week adding that the selection of the ministers will not be on the prerequisite of the party but on merit.

Chilima said they want to change Malawi to one that benefits all and not just a couple of people.

SKC reiterated his points to create 1 million jobs, return of corrupt money embezzled from government coffers, K40 billion funds for youth, making of electricity using refuse, high rise apartments, permanent jobs.