FISD Challenge Cup hangs in balance

Wanderers fisd 2018 champs

There is a cloud of doubt on whether or not the FISD Challenge Cup will bounce back in 2019 following reports that the company which sponsors one of the biggest cups in the country FISD Limited is in financial crisis.

Football Association of Malawi Commercial and Media Officer Gomezgani Zakazaka said he could not give a comment on the future of the challenge cup at the moment.

On Tuesday workers at the company started staging a sit-in after the company apparently failed to pay them their dues.

According to an internal memo from the FISD staff addressed to their employers the workers have not been paid for close to five months.

The memo indicates that the company's management had promised to pay the workers but has failed to fulfil its promise resulting in the sit until the map the way forward.

The staff is demanding that they be paid for five months and not 3 months and will wait at the gates of the company until the week after which the next course of action will be announced.

They also said they will not answer any call from anyone unless it is the directors or management.

The number of employers which has seen is up to 69.

FISD is yet to come out and clarify its position and the way forward for the football fraternity.

The news is expected to be received with disappointment as it was one of the most prestigious cups to grab in the football arena.

In January this year Be Forward Wanderers and Silver Striker’s winners of 2019 cried foul over delays to pay them their prize money.

This follows Football Association of Malawi rule which states that the money should be handed over within 30 days.

Be Forward Wanderers beat Silver Striker’s 3-2 to win the championship.