Khuda apologises for calling Flames a cricket team

Khuda Muyawa

Silver Strikers controversial forward Khuda Muyaba has apologised to Football Association of Malawi (FAM) and all fans for his misconduct.

Just last week Muyaba shared a video clip in which he and two of his other friends were saying there is no football in Malawi and that the Flames is a cricket team.

He was dropped from the Flames squad to Cosafa Cup and has also reportedly been absconding training at Silver Strikers accusing Flames assistant coach Lovemore Fazili of being responsible for his being left out of the national the team.

The video clip which went viral on social media angered Malawians including fellow players in the Super League who also recorded their videos rebuking him.

In his Facebook apology, Muyaba said he will change the behavior.

“Evening good pipo [people],this is khuda muyaba (ikenna10) am here to say sorry to u [you] all for missbhving (misbehaving) really sorry for evrtin [everything],am asking for forgvnes ([orgiveness] n I [and I] promise dat u[(that you] will see a change in me. Am ua [I am your] player and I know u [you] will be supporting me... My apology to FAM for my bad bhaviour (behavior). Thank you,” Khuda posted.

Silver Strikers general secretary Lawence Yobe also issued an apology on behalf of Muyaba on Monday saying they would summon him to a disciplinary hearing.

The striker also sparked controversy when he posted on the same page that he retired from playing for the Flames.

FAM general secretary Alfred Gunda recently warned players against misuse of social media.

He indicated that players involved in indiscipline through the use of social media would face disciplinary action.

Gunda could not be reached for a comment on Khuda’s conduct, but football analyst George Chiusiwa said the player has showed the spirit of maturity and humility and deserves he forgiveness.

He however suggested that the player should apologise to his fellow players at both the club and the Flames.