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Sat, 07/09/2019 - 06:36

Malawi Women Volleyball: Gemz (blue and yellow uniform) vs Blue Eagles in first invitational tournament clash.

Malawi Women Volleyball Committee which was elected on Saturday, 29th July, 2017 through their WhatsApp group which its members are women volleyballers across Malawi called Ma-women volleyball has secured sponsorship to the tune of one million and nine hundred thousand Malawi Kwacha (MK1,900,000.00). However, the sponsors name has been advised that remain anonymous.

This is the third invitational tournament the women in Malawi are organizing that involves teams from all the regions in Malawi. The tournament has been attracting ten teams, three from two regions and four from the host region. The first two tournaments that took place in 2017, all took place in southern region Blantyre. The third one will take place in the Capital City, Lilongwe at Bingu National Stadium volleyball courts from Saturday 21st to Sunday, 22nd September, 2019. The series of these tournaments have been christened Malawi Women Volleyball Championship (MWVC).

Moyale Barracks queens are the Defending Champions and Blue Eagle ladies (Now Eagles Ladies) are the champions of the maiden champions of the games.

The Malawi women volleyball grouping, is claimed to have started in 2015 and so far, have organized the Championship two times and this one being third. The first two were organized in 2017. In 2018, nothing was heard from them and many had speculated that was it was on its way to the grave. The speculations were wrong.

The Chairperson of the Malawi Women Volleyball Committee, Wezzie Mwafulirwa is excited and said that this is part of their mission to promote women volleyball in Malawi. She also thanked the sponsors for coming in to help.

"We are ready to take Malawian women volleyball to yet another height. We are on a mission and geared to put women volleyball on the map. Lilongwe, get ready for women volleyball spark.”, Boasted Mwafulirwa.

"We thank the sponsor and is our hope that this relationship will last", Mwafulirwa said.

The Malawi Women Volleyball Committee comprises of Chairperson: Wezzie Mwafulirwa (Blantyre); Vice Chairperson: Fannie Kanyenda (Lilongwe); Secretary: Christina Mwabutwa (Lilongwe); Vice Secretary: Emily 'Jah Lady' Hara; Treasurer: Blessings Mtuwa who is also SRVL Treasurer (Blantyre); Publicity Secretary: Shupikai Nyirenda (Lilongwe); Zione Karen Janet Phiri (Lilongwe) and Catherine Nchesi (Mzuzu) as members.

The excited Moyale Barracks Queens coach, Aaron Hoha Ranger Phiri said they are ready to defend the Championship, but leaves everything in the hands of God.

"Every game is a different game. We preparing to defend it, but God has his own ways. So we leaving everything in his hands. We as Moyale, put God first”, Phiri said.

He also added that the sponsorship if possible, be increased as teams do not benefit much, financially especially this time that we are also preparing for Zone VI Championship and that there must be a lot of such tournaments. He also assured their supporters that they will not disappoint.

“We could love to see the money be considered from all the major stakeholders. The prize money does not make economical sense to teams, but we do appreciate the efforts. We need these tournaments frequently if we are to realize something from our women volleyball. The blackout last year was worrisome,” he contemplated.

“We also ask our supporters to never leave us alone. They are our force to reckon with. We are assuring them that we are doing our best and we will not disappoint.” He added.

This is the first and biggest tournament to be organized on the local scene this year in terms of number of participating teams and sponsorship.


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