Malawi's Nyauyu, Zambia's Ken Dumbo are a joke

Nyauyu, Ken Dumbo

If you were a fan of Malawian female comedy star, Felistus Nyauyu Ngwira and Zambian Ken Dumbo’s relationship, you better slide off as the two have disclosed it was just a comedy stunt.

On valentine’s day, pictures of Dumbo putting a ring on Nyauyu’s finger as a sign of marriage proposal went viral on social media, with the lady confirming it was real.

She even travelled to Zambia some days ago on an exchange visit, to which most fans thought was to formalise the process.

To their surprise, on Tuesday, Dumbo posted on his Facebook page that the visit was not about the purported relationship, but sharing notes on how they can grow the comedy business in the two countries and how they can create opportunities for one another.

“I am humbled to learn that I have been an inspiration to the NYA UYU brand and will forever remain grateful for her efforts to come to Zambia and I promise this that with things put together by my management team, we too shall soon visit Malawi and learn from our brothers and sisters.

“With that said, I know the last thing you all would love to know is " WAS IT REAL OR FAKE" THE RELATIONSHIP, THE ENGAGEMENT, well! as entertainers, ours is to provide Entertainment to our followers and so we can only say sorry to those that invested emotions in this whole episodes of " KEEPING UP WITH THE NYA DUMBO'S" it was purely as it was.. ENTERTAINMENT for your eyes as we continue battling with COVID-19,” he said.

All for comedy 

Meanwhile Nyauyu says she is on her way back to Malawi.

Nyau Uyu has not given her official position on the matter. But she has promised to get back to her fans who have flooded her inbox with messages.

Nyau Uyu
Nya Uyu's message to her fans