Chefo disowns Tay Grin as ambassador

  • Committee which appointed Tay Grin dissolved and reconstituted 

  • Changes 'Mkumano wa Chewa' fundraiser event to July 9

Barely a month after Chewa Heritage Foundation unveiled Hip Hop artist Tay Grin as it's ambassador for the 'Mkumano wa Achewa' event, the cultural heritage has come out to disown him.

The event was meant to take place on the 25th of June at Civil stadium as a fundraiser for Kulamba scheduled for August 27 in Zambia.

National Chairperson of the Chewa Heritage Foundation, Stanly Khaila speaking to journalists at Golden Peacock in Blantyre, Monday evening was quick to say Tay Grin is still their own.

"He asked us to work on being an ambassador but the way he worked his way in blind-sited us.

Khaira with the microphone speaking
Khaira with the microphone speaking to journalists

"For now as Chewa Heritage Foundation, we have not accepted him as ambassador of Chefo.

"Tay Grin is not expected to conduct any business under Chefo."

Tay Grin on the same Monday night issued a video justifying why he is the Nyau King and was calling on people to attend the June 25 fundraiser.

The chairman said the organising committee which appointed Tay Grin did not seek approval of the national executive when making it's decision.

He then told the journalists the committee has since been dissolved with Karonga Gawa Undi blessings, the cultural heritage constitutional article 13 and reconstituted.

The dissolved steering committee whose chairman was Senior Group headman Sosola is said to not have followed the Chefo rules.

It transpired it received money and never deposited it to Chefo bank at NBS but they opened their own.

The chairperson distanced himself and the organisation saying opening of the account was wrong and unprocedural.

Sosola and Tay Grin
Gogo Sosola headed the disbanded team welcoming Tay Grin as ambassador of 'Mkumano wa Chewa' event 

"What they have done is what has led to the dissolving. We want to tell Malawians and the Chewa community that what was being planned by this committee should no happen."

He emphasized this does not mean they do not want the ceremony to take place as it is of prime importance. "We have postponed but it will happen. The event will not happen on 25 June but on 9 July, 2022."

He explained the event will feature different traditional Chewa dances, instruments they use and other activities and exhibitions.

The 'Mkomano wa Chewa' fundraiser had to be cancelled for two years due to COVID-19 pandemic.