Gwamba hosts online listening for 'True Independence'


One of the most decorated Hip Hop artist in Malawi, Gwamba has given his fans an online listening session ahead of his album 'True Independence' release.

The album comes out on 6th of July which also happens to be the country's independence from colonial masters, Britain.

Gwamba made the previews on his official Facebook page which boosts close to 400k followers and has a huge engagement.

Three songs: 'Found love' which features Daniel Nabbi and Henwood was the first to be previewed and got the attention of the people for its international touch.

It is a calm and smooth song with silky melodies and considering he was making the previews in the car, it gave a perfect feel of one of those you can listen on a drive.


The second was a track called 'Amandikonda' which has a guest feature from Charisma and talks about God's love.

This he said is dedicated to the youth out there as even the beat says so with its trap music elements in it.

The third song he made the fans listen to was 'Timpunza' which depicts talkative people who can not help it but talk about others.

The actual album has 14 tracks in total and will be launched on the 23rd of July at  Blantyre Sports Club.

Gwamba said tickets for the album launch, which are not currently available will be made public for purchase just after its release on the 6th of July.