HD Plus dedicates 'Apongozi' series to Maria Chidzanja Nkhoma

Chidzanja and Hago on set

HD Creations Plus has honoured late Maria Chidzanja Nkhoma by dedicating 'Apongozi series to her legacy. 'Apongozi series 1' premieres on the 2nd of December with Chidzanja Nkhoma playing the lead role.

HD Plus Creations CEO, Gift 'Sukez' Sukali said: "As producers we are focused on ensuring the series is available to all audiences especially our local Malawian audience.

Sukez was quick to mention that they are in talks with broadcasters and awaiting agreements to be finalised.

"We would like to highlight that there are pending agreements from local content distributors that will be broadcasting the series and announcements will be made once agreements are finalised," Sukez said.

Apongozi synopsis

Apongozi is a story of sibling, family rivalry and a quest to gain power and wealth. The dramatic comedy revolves around a modern day Chikamwini (Uxorilocal/Matrilocal) family ran by Wakondiye Kawaza (Apongozi), who has five daughters and a son.

Wakondiye’s husband was a diamond smuggler in Zimbabwe but died mysteriously. Before his death, they used to launder money and invest in Malawi and that was how they were able to build the compound that Apongozi lives in.

The bone of contention is the secret room that is in Apongozi’s house. Her Sons in law believe that Apongozi hides something in the room and they devise various schemes to gain acccess.

However, Apongozi is cunning enough to know what her in-laws are planning and make them play against each other to her advantage. The story changes when her niece from Zambia arrives in the compound.


Apongozi is a  Malawian Television series produced by HD Plus Creations. It was created by Gilbert Mphatso Moyo, Dalitso Chimombo and Hastings Golosi.

The series was commissioned by Growth Accelerator, as a way of encouraging businesses to create a sustainable business idea during the time of COVID-19.  

It is produced and directed by a Malawian upcoming filmmaker, Hastings Golosi and the role of Apongozi (Mother-in-law) was played by the veteran musician and artist,  late Maria Chidzanja Nkhoma who died last year.