Hora Mountain to turn into modern cultural site

Hora Mountain

The Mzimba Heritage Association-MZIHA says it is working with M’mbelwa District Council on its plans to turn the Hora Mountain and other important historical sites into top cultural attraction sites in Mzimba.

The grouping's secretary, Moses Mkandawire disclosed this in a recent interview with Kulinji.com as the Ngonis prepare for their annual cultural festival “Umtheto”.

According to Mkandawire, Mzimba has many cultural attraction sites like; Elephant rock, Hora Mountain, Embangweni and others which would help the district to earn extra revenue, if meaningful investment is to be made.

At the moment, Mkandawire says establishment of the School of Excellence at Hora is also at an advanced stage.

He said: “Mzimba has got beautiful places where we can set up ecotourism centres that people would pay a little something upon the visit, we have a good working relationship with the M’mbelwa District Council and jointly we will communicate to our people when all the plans are put in place”

Meanwhile, University of Malawi Economic Expert, Professor Ben Kaluwa says cultural groupings stand a good chance to benefit from such initiative which has an ability to contribute to the growth of the economy.

“This is important national history, because it is cultural it has to be localised, in countries like Scotland they have barnes and people go there to tour, we must not take this lightly” said Kaluba whilst advising cultural groupings to remain apolitical if the concept is to sell.

Mkandawire further announced that that the annual Ngoni cultural festival “Umtheto” will be celebrated on 13th of August this year. This comes as there has been a two year break of the cultural celebrations due to escalation of Covid 19 cases in the past.

The meeting will be celebrated under the theme, “irregular migration and trafficking persons”. It has been chosen following the impact of immigration in Mzimba to countries like South Africa in search for greener pastures.

Mkandawire explain that, “the event has already been approved by the chief’s council, and we are warning people planning to attend the event to use the official cloth for the ceremony rather than political party colors.”

The gathering is expected to bring together dignitaries from Malawi’s neighboring countries, including others from South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.