Keturah shutsdown belly button backlash


Musician Keturah on has shut down social media trash talk that she was dressed inappropriately at a corporate event on Thursday.

Keturah faced an awkward audience on social media when she was blasted for her outfit.

She was at Bingu International Conference Centre where Malawi Communications Regulations Authority (MACRA) is hosting a Space Conference.

It's summer, it's hot, and she posted wearing a white open up top with her bellybutton out, sparking  debate from her followers.

What people did not realise was that the picture was taken with MACRA staff on the banner but did not truly represent the hole story.

The 'Khalidwe ndi Chuma' star is not for her chitenje wrapper clothes which have distinguished her from other female artists.

She shutdown the whole mill producing bad sentiments when she posted how she dressed on stage.


Some offered advise like Dan Namwini who said: "Keturah mmmmmmm this is not the way to dress for this event

"Next time choose clothes to suit the occasion."

Another social media user under the name Stipheria commented: "Corporate event and this type of dressing are a mismatch my love. Please mind the audience next time."

Opa Nalikungwi agreed with Stipheria pointing out: "When ur going to corporate functions make sure u dress smart osati mchombo onse pantunda.. Know ur audience.. Zomwe mwavalazi ndiza ku chez.. U will make pipo so uncomfortable."

The bellybutton backlash
The Belly button picture 

Loveness Kaunda said: "Ketura you look very pretty in your Chitenjes attire what happened today? Olakwa ndi Manager wakeyo he or she is supposed to have a calendar and know what event she is attending and the dress code. Regardless we love you and hope next time you will do the needful."

Keturah has been a darling of the fans. She was recently in the United States to record her album and fans are waiting for the first single to be released.