Nyago justifies controversial song 'Bible'


From singing about mental health and other topics in between; Nyago has moved on to now tackle the issue of the white man and how he 'manipulated' Africans with the Bible.

In a song titled 'Bible' released on Tuesday, the singer soulfully goes into what she experienced in Europe with her Bible, looking for a church.

She explains she has no qualms as she is a believer herself but opens the eyes of those who have never had the chance to see first hand how those who sold Christianity to Africans mock us.

Nyago sings in Tumbuka but translates the song and gives an explanation saying: "Enjoy the vibe but listen well to understand my message; it may sound as if I simply criticise the white man for using religion to keep Africans busy so they do not find time to work on practical ideas but there is more to it and it does not mean that I criticise the Bible. I am a daughter of a dedicated Pastor and a grew up in church.

"There was a time I travelled to Europe and I carried my Bible with me. While there, on weekend's I'd search for my church or read my Bible, and my white friends would laugh and mock me that there's no God in heaven and that the Bible was written to control people.

"Being someone who was raised in church, I was so hurt and I wrote this song from my innermost conscious. I believe that there is God in everybody. I believe that there is a spiritual world and universal energy/power. That's why on the chorus I said 'tichilitseni Yahweh'. One thing I like about the bible is that it teaches us to distinguish between whats good and bad, and shape us up to be better humans that love and care for each other.

"But unlike the whites, Africans are abusing the Bible. Africans treat the Bible and religion as a solution to all problems. Religion should simply guide our spiritual life but we should not keep investing our hope for a brighter future of worldly things in religion.

"While the same white man who brought religion is making technological advancement, we are busy with religion praying and fasting. Mind you prayer is good but prayer alone without hard work is nothing.

"I condemn the act of investing all hope in religion while not working for better days," Nyago said.

Malawi is called a God fearing nation and anything that happens, whether it is a leader is said to have been God given.