Onesimus apologizes over Lilongwe remarks


Versatile musician, Onesimus has apologized to his fans following a bottle ransacked stage at Kuche Kuche rebranding in Lilongwe over the weekend.

The incident happened after Onesimus went on stage to say men who do not give their women money, flowers or take them out shopping are useless.

The remarks triggered an angry drunk crowd to start throwing the rebranded Kuche Kuche bottles on stage.

Onesimus and others had to take cover but not before the fans stoned the stage screens.

On Sunday, Onesimus was the talk of social media as Stingy Men Association of Malawi (SMAM) members vowed to have him cancelled.

Onesimus: nothing of this nature will ever happen again 

In a statement, Onesimus said: "I want to take this moment and apologise to all my fellow men and women in our country that didn’t take the jokes I made lightly and felt disrespected by utterances of my words on stage. 

"I should have done better knowing the difficulties at hand adding  'We are all familiar with real struggle'.

"I know that love beyond all else will carry people through any relationship. Thank you for always supporting me and for the love you keep showing me. Once again my sincere apologies. Nothing of this nature will ever happen again.

Onesimus is a renowned crowd pleaser.