Singer Bongie tackles depression


Malawian afro-pop singer Bongie Melon says she struggled to cope with the responsibilities that come with transitioning into adulthood and ended up depressed.

Bongie admits she had suicidal thoughts multiple times but her mother and close friends gave her a reason to stay away from killing herself.

To feel less depressed, Bongie says she kept herself busy with hobbies including singing.

“Honestly I wrote that song when I was depressed, I was so down that week and I asked my producer to send me a sad beat.

“I had no one to talk to considering the personal issues I had with my loved one and close friends. I was afraid of telling my mum my problems but I had to give it a try and it helped a lot  and I'm okay now.

“Depression is part of being a human and it’s temporary you don’t have to kill yourself because of depression, so I made this song for those passing through my situation not to feel alone," she said.