Driemo, Atohti Manje apologise for show shut down in SA


Musician Driemo and Atoht Manje have apologised to fans in South Africa following Police shutting down their shows.

The two were billed to perform at two venues in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Sources in the rainbow nation say the two shows were fully packed which led the Police to stop the shows over capacity.

Driemo said: "I would like to apologise to my family in Joburg and Cape Town for the incidents that happened at the shows.

"On Friday, the Cape Town show was ended by the Police as the capacity of the venue could not accommodate the crowd. Fortunately I had performed part of my set.

"Lastnight in Joburg (Tijuca), the same thing happened but it was unfortunate that the police ended the show before I stepped on stage."

Driemo and Manje explained the event organisers tried to plead with the police but they had made up their mind.

Manje: Bear with us

"I feel bad that my Joburg family has been let down in this way. If I had authority to move the show to bigger venue, I would have done so. The event organisers say that next time they will try to take a different approach so they can make up for such inconvenience.

"From deep down, I am sorry it had to end like that," Driemo said.

Manje added they will make sure they give the fans back the time of their life once a bigger venue has been organisd.

He acknowledged people are furious considering they had paid up to vibe with them but asked they be understanding as the situations were out of their control.