Gopani Henele shines with 'Tiyeni my Love'

Gopani Henele

Gopani Henele is a celebrated comedian in Malawi who has now ventured into the music business and interestingly taken over the first few days of the year.

Some would argue he is used while others will say he provides the much-needed entertainment in country full of socio-economic as well as political problems.

Henele have gone viral on the internet with his song making rounds, even being voted as the best song out right now by socialites.

The song is titled ‘Tiyeni my love’ and from the get go, you have to make it for yourself what the song is saying.

ToniCity, Stein Malola Nkholoma, the producer who made the ‘hit song spoke to entertainment desk on how the song came about: “I got the original video from Mikozi and I really liked it, then decided to do an instrumental for it the same day.

He explained that he was surprised with how the song was received saying it was: “Overwhelming. the response is overwhelming. People have received it with open arms."

Because it is Gopani Henele, people are not interested in what the message is about but the beat being Amapiano is all that was needed to make it trend.

Tonicity explained: "Regardless of being inaudible Gopani has a voice for music I noticed when I was mixing it with the instrumental that he was on key and never when off key."

Dj Langie Beats, another producer, knowing full well the power of the Internet said Henele should be registered by COSOMA to get his earnings because the song will have a lot of plays this year.


He was not targeting ToniCity in particular when he made mention of payments but when put to him on his motives, ToniCity said: “My intention is not to make money out of the song my intention was just to show the capabilities when it comes to audio production so if some people feel he is being exploited they shouldn't, they should rather embrace both of our capabilities.”

Gibo Pearson also did a song based on Henele’s comedic skit ‘Kumene’