Kell Kay's 'Loss' is diverse, mature, comforting

Kell Kay, Hyphen and Eli

One of the most anticipated collaborations in Malawi has been released and it has not disappointed.

Kell Kay took a giant leap of faith to include his peers, some of whom may be considered competitors.

Eli Njuchi, Hyphen, Black Falcon Bird, Kambwiri sisters, Stich Fray, Tuno have all came together for the new record in town 'Loss'.

With so many breakups, heartbreaks across the country and world, the musicians have come in with a comforting jam.

People like to say you will never find anyone to love you like they did but the artists are refuting that and saying, hold on, it's actually their loss!

They are bringing in a sense of purpose, assertiveness and hope.

The diversity maturity, delivery in the song has already made it a hit since it's release last night on Made on Monday. 

Kell Kay has not disappointed with his releases and his consistency continues to transcend.

Officially the video will come out on Friday but with the new marketing strategy of putting out lyrics to songs, fans are enjoying it.

For the females, they are really soaking it in as it hits different to them.

One fan Tammy Banda said: "We waited and you have delivered."

Another, Lucey Mandolo dedicated the song to her ex-boyfriend saying he lost out.

Their male counterparts also chimed in but most of them were about how Hypen got bars, something rap critics and rap heads always go for.