Musicians raise funds for Cyclone Freddy victims

Cyclone Freddy

Musicians Union of Malawi (MUM) has embarked on an initiative to raise cash and other basic relief items to help people affected by Tropical Cyclone Freddy.

President Vita Chirwa said they are asking people to donate in cash and in kind.

Chirwa said it was too early to disclose how much they have collected so far.

He also could not give a figure of how much they are planning to raise.

Chirwa said: "Still in the process. We'll announce later."

A number of artists have joined in the call among them Zeze Kingston who visited some sites with socialite Dorothy 'Cashmadam' Shonga.

Zeze Kingston and Shonga
Zeze (Far right) and Cash madam at one of the sites 

The 'Alamwanu' star gave moral support and food to the victims in the camps.

Another artist, Leslie has started a drive to buy and offer sanitary pads to girls and women in camps.

Sanitary pads drive