Namafans divided over 'Affidavit'


Patience 'Doc' Namadingo dropped his first record of the year and it has people divided.

The song 'Affidavit' has an Afro vibe and has come out with visuals to it.

The contention is coming in as some think the song is not catchy  enough to be played on repeat.

Khama Chirwa said: "Big fan, but this aint the type of a song I will play on repeat as I used to play,  'Tumani',  'Maury', my favourite 'Adowana'."

Others group called the praise team have come to Namadingo's defence saying people are just haters.

Gomezgani Gama put it: "This is a good song and the message is very clear and up to date. Let's applaud him for putting in some hard and good work. You can not always remain haters. Show some love, he is our own country man."

Another group has emerged which thinks Namadingo elevated his levels so high he is failing to maintain the consistency.

Numbers do not lie and despite the conversations and the connotations to it the video is doing raking up views on YouTube.

Namadingo is know to have surpassed the K2million views mark, so this is not a surprise to him but it shows people listen and watch his music regardless.

He has so far done 107K views on YouTube and could hit the million mark soon if the trend continues.