Rap beef goes Epic

Epi and Riffle

The rap beef between Riffle Dynamic and Episodz has hit its epitome as K1 million is now on the cards. 

Epic Lounge will on Sunday, 5th of February host the rap beef battle between Riffle Dynamic and Episodz.

The organiser explained they have the platform and wanted to give the two the stage to settle their differences in front of people.

Yollam Kawanga, owner of Epic Lounge in an interview to Kulinji.com entertainment desk said It has already gotten out of hand: “Yes I have set the platform for them to battle it out. The whole intent is for the to showcase their respective talents.

“It (the rap beef) has already gone out of hand, all we are doing is to capitalise this battle for them to get much needed publicity across the country that will eventually promote their music careers.

Some sections have questioned the ulterior motives for hosting the rap battle but according to Kawanga, everyone is entitled to their opinion: “This is solely to promote talent: adding this will re-energize the vibe in the Hip Hop industry in an era where genres such as Afro-pop and Amapiano are dominant.


Speaking on the format, Kawanga disclosed that during the first session, the artists will be doing their respective songs and the rap battle will be the final showdown.

Episodz reacting to a cool million up form grabs said rap has progressed entirely we are not used to making such numbers, adding this battle will promote the genre in a good way "Part of the Hip Hop culture so this is really a good step towards Hip Hop itself as long as there is no violence involved which there hasn't been and will not be.

Epi as he is fondly known expressing his views on some quotas saying they are using the beef to prop up business said "The beef is much real it just happened that it got so much attention which brought show organizers an opportunity to capitalise on and we were approached and checked how civil we are to actually do a versus battle and then for the culture we were both willing to do it after all money is involved."

The battle

On the format, Epi was quick to say he was okay with it citing its a full measure of the artist the catalogue of music he has plus the diss tracks. "Rapping off the dome would have been better if there were no diss tracks and we just went into a rap battle directly but now most of the materials has been used.

Asked on whether the rap battle will not go violent after the war on wax went personal, Epi said: "Im a civil guy i wouldn't tarnish my brand over a joke about me staying at my mother's house, he didn't necessarily diss her."

Riffle Dynamic in reaction said he was prepared for the showdown: "I'm always ready adding the K1 million is "very, actually it's so motivating.

On violence, Riffle Dynamic said he is going there with his security personnel, just in case.

He did however say he will capitalize on the attention to prop up his career: "Im done with the beef, it's time to release more hits."